Heritage Armor Unlock

Heritage Armor Unlock

Heritage Armor Unlock
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 Buy Heritage Armor Unlock with BestBoost.Club!

    When the allied races were announced, everyone was shook about it. But what came as even bigger surprise is that they come with their own set of armor that represents themselves as the relic of their culture. Each set of raiment is unique to only their race and no one else; you won’t be able to equip Nightborne armor as a Tauren.

    The only problem comes from acquiring the said equipment: it takes to level the character from level 1 to 110 without any shortcuts for all allied races, and for original races its getting exalted with their own faction and completing a story questline. This could get in a way of getting your unique cool gear transmog for your character. And this is why BestBoost.Club is prepared to complete the task for you! We will do anything and everything to obtain armor for your selected character and race: we will level your character if it’s an allied race, we will exalt them with their faction if it’s an original character, and we will do whatever else developers will come up with new heritage armor that will be added in the future! If you don’t have an Allied Race unlocked yet, you can always check info about races here!

 What will you get for this service:

• Unlock of the Heritage Armor for any race that has one

• Exalted reputation with the faction of your race if you choose a default one

• Leveling of character to 110 level if you choose Allied Race

• Gold, items and artifact power obtained throughout the boost

• The completion of the service takes different time depending on your current progress and chosen race. Please, verify time with our online support.

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have level 120 character for default races or any level character for Allied Race


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