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Deaths of Chromie
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WoW Deaths of Chromie Boost

    Patch 7.2.5, in addition to the new raid "Tomb of Sargeras", will add the opportunity for players to participate in a new challenge. This is a small scenario in which you need to stop all eight attacks on Chromie for a short period of time. Quest says that the character of the same name is stuck in different time lines and it needs to be rescued from the captivity of the future. Only Azeroth's heroes can do this. And for the successful completion of the mission you’ll get various prizes. But you won't need to worry about this, as the staff of the BestBoost.Club service will complete the story for you. In the future, you will be able to take this challenge again for fun and immediately begin from a checkpoint, without doing any additional quests. This saves time and eliminates the wait of long clips with the character's story. 

    For finishing the scenario you will get awesome awards. The most valuable is the "Timelord" title and sets of transmogrification from the expansions of the Lich King and Cataclysm. Also, you will receive two pets: "Ageless Bronze Drake" and "Bronze Proto-Whelp". These awards will allow to decorate your character and stand out from in the crowd of players. The order of this service is perfect for all those who like being the first one who gets the unique things.

 How to unlock WoW Chromie Scenario?

    To unlock WoW Chromie Scenario and obtain the rewards, our employees from the customer's account will pass the Challenge and stop eight assassination attempts. Your item level will be capped so there’s no need to worry about equipment. There will be first four of them in the present time. After that, an item called "Shard of Time" which is used to open the portal will appear. It will allow you to get into another timeline where you need to kill every boss of the dragon sanctuary again. You are given 15 minutes to finish the challenge. Thankfully, our team guarantees to execute the scenario for the specified period of time, regardless of the specialization of your character. Every BestBoost.Club service specialist knows how to use the Chromie talents and receive them during the challenge. Each specialist chooses the methods of completing the task according to their preferences. Finally, you are guaranteed to receive prizes which will make you feel satisfied with our service.

What will you get for this service:

• New title – “Timelord”

• A unique transmog set with exclusive tint

• This service takes 3-6 days to complete due to Chromie talents and Item Level Cap

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