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Glory Of The Hellfire Raider

Glory Of The Hellfire Raider

Glory Of The Hellfire Raider
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 Glory of the Hellfire Raider Boost

    Hellfire Citadel is the last raid of the Draenor expansion and is set to be the most difficult raid at this date. And as it goes with every previous instance, there is a special reward for those who complete certain tasks inside. So prepare your gear, search for your allies and diverse a strategy, because now you can obtain a new achievement called Hellfire Raider, and it comes with a unique hellfire wolf mount!

 How to unlock Infernal Direwolf?

    It will require not only sheer force of will and good party, but also insane equipment and coordination to unlock Infernal Direwolf. There are 14 achievements inside the raid and each of them takes total concentration of the players, or else only failure awaits you. One of the hardest challenges is called “Don’t Fear the Reaper”: in it there are three bosses and each of them has terrifying abilities that can destroy the raid in an instant, and the achievement requires you to defeat them at the same time! This not only prolongs the fight, but also puts your entire party at risk of being killed! This is why BestBoost.Club is prepared to complete challenges like this! Our boosters are always geared ahead of time and test the encounters starting from the release of the raid! Nothing can stop them when it comes to obtaining the Glory achievements!

What will you get for this service:

• Infernal Direwolf mount.

• 14 achievements including the meta.

• Resources, transmogrification items, gold, etc.

 Requirements for purchasing this service:

• You must have a level 100 character

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