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Draenor Pathfinder

Draenor Pathfinder
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 Draenor Pathfinder Boost

    Ever wanted to unlock the skies for all your heroes of Azeroth on a forbidden planet? Well, lucky you, we can help you to unlock flying in Draenor! We will complete a series of different tasks required to unlock the achievement for your character. No longer will you have to walk through the narrow paths and dangerous hills. With BestBoost.Club you can get soaring through the clouds in no time!

How to unlock flying in Draenor?

    Draenor Pathfinder is a demanding achievement. It requires of players to complete all quests from the main story lines of the expansion, explore all the zones of the continent and defend them from assaults from different aggressors, and hit revered reputation status with allied factions of Tanaan Jungle. And besides that, you’ll need to collect 100 treasures across all Draenor. These tasks are very lengthy and ask of player to pour a lot of spare time in the game. That’s why BestBoost.Club is prepared to take the tediousness upon itself! Our team accepts only experienced boosters that know the shortest routes to completing the set list of tasks. We will complete all essential achievements on your character and obtain Warlords of Draenor flying on your account!

 What you will get for this service:

• Fully unlocked flying in Draenor Expansion on ALL characters of your account

• A new flying wyvern mount - "Soaring Skyterror"

• Boost takes approximately up to 4 weeks, depending on your current progress

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