Crucible of Storms - Heroic Run

Crucible of Storms - Heroic Run

Crucible of Storms - Heroic Run
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    With the wait for the next major patch 8.2, developers decided to create a small raid to shake up the waiting with nothing for players to do. A simple new raid Crucible of the Storms is composed only of two bosses, but those two bosses are much more than meets the eye.

    In this dungeon you can get the most unique equipment there is at the moment: each item contains a unique effect, player buffs, enemy debuffs and even negative effects that are overshadowed by positive ones. Even clothes and weapons contain the said benefits, so it will be very beneficial to at least get some items before the next patch comes out since it will greatly increase your performance in the near future. .

    At any rate, this dungeon raid will be useful for any raider that tries to do their best and clear all the relevant content as fast as possible. On this page you can order Crucible of the Storms Heroic Run and try to obtain the necessary items with the help of extra boosters.

 What will you get for this service:

• Completion of Crucible of Storms raid on heroic difficulty

• A chance to get 410+ gear during the boost

• If you chose additional boosters, they will trade the items they get to you

• Gold, order resources, azerite obtained during the boost

• Boost takes approximately up to 1 hour

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have a level 120 character on your account

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