Best classes for leveling in Classic

    Today we will be talking about what classes are the fastest in the leveling department and what you can get from them in the end game. To begin, we will divide them into three categories that will determine their usefulness.

1. Great: Hunter, Mage, Druid, Warlock

2. Average: Shaman, Priest, Paladin

3. Below Average: Rogue, Warrior

    Let’s begin with those who stand out above the rest.

Hunters are just awesome! Their pet will tank all the damage and deals a lot of it back, too. Any other class would need a party of at least 2 or 3 people to complete some of the challenging quests or kill an Elite Rare. But not Hunters - they are a two-man army who can take down almost anyone with ease because of how safe they are. Just don’t forget to feed your pet.

Mages are great at crowd controlling and have an insane AoE damage. They are able to kill a swarm of mobs and get away with it pretty easily because of their protective cooldowns – Frost Armor, Ice Block and Invisibility in case you find yourself in real trouble. And to top it off, they have an infinite supply of food and water, topping it off with portals to capital cities with no cooldown! Just make sure you manage your Ring of Frost and Blizzard right when kiting enemies.

Druids are super great because they are a universal class that is able to do EVERYTHING – they have very strong DPS in Cat Form, they have healing over time which is very useful during solo fights, and on top of it all the Bear Form to protect yourself from big damage! And to make it even better they are very mobile because of the Travel Form, which especially helps in early levels!

Warlocks are kind of a hodgepodge of every class mentioned above: they have for summonable demons for different situations but most of their damage ticks over time, they are very sustainable by leeching health from enemies and life taping for mana, and have some great utility abilities such as Healthstones for a moderate heal, Soulstones for instant resurrection, Ritual of Summoning which is very useful in raids and dungeons, and also their own cheap mount! But be ready to carry a bag full of Soul Shards for most of your abilities.

    Now comes the Average classes that are mediocre at quick leveling.

Shamans is the only class to have unique abilities called totems which can buff you and your allies with many different effects, attack enemy as an automatic turret, act as a healing dispenser. You'll have to use when kiting mobs around and slowly electrocuting them to death with the help of Earthbinding Totem.

Priests are good at nullifying damage and debuffs on themselves and allies, being able to outheal most of the injuries, but their damaging abilities are not so great. You will find it very hard to kill anyone with spells, so have a wand in hand and prepare to send some magic missles.

Paladins are very relaxed and repetitive in their gameplay. They have only two damaging spell called Judgement which is a single target hammer throw and one AoE ability called Consecration. This is the case because their whole gameplay is composed of Seals – special auras which will modify your autoattacks and abilities. Though they are great at surviving a lot of damage and have own summonable cheap mount.

    And now there are left the slowest ones.

Rogues have an incredibly high damage and have many different tools at their disposal, but this is overshadowed by no self-healing, medium armor and no kiting method like some other classes. Since they have to facetank all damage, you’ll have to be tricky about your pulls and make sure you always have reagents in case you need to cheat your death once in a while.

Warrior is a painfully slow class to level in Classic. They don’t do as much damage as other classes and are completely reliant on their gear. You won’t be able to pull more than two mobs at one time and will have to eat constantly. But at least they are great at level cap, right? Well, if you are very determined - be ready for a world of pain or bring a friend with you, preferably a healer.

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