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 Who are the Saberstalkers?

    Tanaan Jungle is a dangerous place filled with the most dangerous and fearsome predators seen on Draenor. Some of these creatures even attracted the craziest of hunters to hone their skills at hunting such creatures. One of these groups calls themselves the Saberstalkers, and they are dead set on hunting out tiger-looking humanoids that call themselves Blackfang Tribe.

 Saberstalkers Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Saberstalkers you can get several new boar mounts for your collection, as well as a new tiger companion. There is also a stylish faction’s tabard that you can show off to your friends!

 How to get Saberstalkers Reputation

    WoW Saberstalkers rep grind is done by defeating elite Blackfang sabertooth mobs in Fang’rila. They are ferocious and dangerous, but have a very quick respawn timer, which means you can defeat them non-stop to gain standing!

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