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 Who are Netherwing?

    Before they even hatched, the black dragonflight eggs were experimented upon to spawn a new, stronger brood of dragons with abilities of one or more dragons at the same time. Infused with nether-energies, they have become twisted; grown unique scaling compared to other dragons and obtained a corporeal look. Now, enslaved by the fel orcs in Outland, they seek to free their kind and find new destiny that does not involve their father, Deathwing.

 Netherwing Reputation Rewards

    There is only one reason for farming exalted with Netherwing, and that is the Netherwing Drake mounts! There are six different tins that you can choose from, and the first one you get for free after reaching exalted status with the faction!

 How to get Netherwing Reputation

    WoW Netherwing rep grind starts in Shadowmoon Valley, where you need first to finish a small questline in order to get from hated to neutral with the faction. It will introduce you to Netherwing brood and explain their backstory and motivation. After that, you’ll be able to farm daily quests or look for Netherwing Egg in order to gain reputation.

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