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 Who are Maghar?

    Maghar is the Burning Crusade expansion faction of untainted orcs that have been left behind during the first war between humans and orcs. They have remained pure for not drinking the blood of Mannoroth and now established their new home in Nagrand.

 Maghar Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with Maghar, you’ll be able to get some TBC transmogrification items from their vendor, but most importantly there are eight different colored epic Talbuk mounts waiting for you to be picked up for your collection, and it’s the main reason why people look to gain reputation with this faction!

 How to get Maghar Reputation

    You start your WoW Maghar rep grind at unfriendly and you need to reach neutral first by completing a questline that starts in Hellfire Peninsula. After that, you’ll be able to talk to faction’s representatives and they will offer their own quests and you’ll be able to start grinding your reputation to exalted. The best way to do so is by defeating ogres for war beads that you can trade in for 500 reputation.

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