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 Who are Consortium?

    Consortium is the Burning Crusade faction of ethereals that have found their way to Outland. Collected from thieves, traders and smugglers, these fine gentlemen now pillage abandoned tombs in order to find old magic items that can be found of value to be traded in the future.

 Consortium Reputation Rewards

    The main reason of farming exalted with Consortium back in the day was to get access to TBC jewel blueprints for Jewelcrafting. While they were quite good back in the day, now they are useless. Though, you still can level reputation with them for unique weapon illusion, some transmogrification items and a new tabard for your collection.

 How to get Consortium Reputation

    WoW Consortium rep grind is being held by the runs inside Mana-Tombs dungeon on normal and heroic mode. There are also items that drop from creatures in Netherstorm zone that can be turned in for additional reputation. 

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