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 Who are the Lorewalkers?

    Lorewalkers is a faction of pandaren set on uncovering their past and collecting knowledge, stories and ancient artifacts for their libraries. Led by a pandaren, Lorewalker Cho, they spread wisdom of their predecessors to the new generations; teach people how to live properly and what one would fight for.

 Lorewalkers Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with Lorewalkers you can get some archeology items that might be useful in digging up Pandaria for treasures. There is also always a tabard for your collection, and a new mount: Disc of the Red Flying Cloud.

 How to get Lorewalkers Reputation

    WoW Lorewalkers rep grind is very interesting in a way that it is unique to all other factions. You don’t have quests per say, but rather you find monuments of wisdom and listen to old folktales of Pandaria. It is very easy to gain standing with them, and learn some lore in the process.

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