Emperor Shaohao Reputation Boost

Emperor Shaohao Reputation Boost
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 Who is Emperor Shaohao?

    Shaohao is the last emperor of Pandaria. He saved his people from the threat of the Burning Legion by separating their land and shrouding it in a deep mist, to be very hard to find. They say you can hear his voice even now, if you listen very closely. His lessons have taught people of Pandaria to control their fear, anger, doubt and despair.

 Emperor Shaohao Reputation Rewards

    The main reason why you would grind to exalted with Emperor Shaohao is the Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent. A majestic looking snake-like flying mount that can only be obtained after reaching exalted, and is sold for 100000 Timeless Coins.

 How to get Emperor Shaohao Reputation

    WoW Emperor Shaohao rep is very monotonous and there is only one daily quest that you can complete. Primarily you gain standing by defeating different creatures on Timeless Isle. 

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