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August Celestials Reputation Boost
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 Who are the August Celestials?

    August Celestials are the four Old Gods that watch over Pandaria and shepherd its people to the future: Chi-Ji the Red Crane, Niuzao the Black Ox, Yu’lon the Jade Serpent, and Xuen the White Tiger. Each of them has their own temple in different parts of Pandaria. There people may ask for their blessings and wisdom. They also help safeguard peace and defend the land from Sha emerging in the lands.

 August Celestials Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with August Celestials you’ll be able to purchase Reins of the Thundering August Cloud Serpent, as well as their tabard and access to 28-slot bag pattern! That’s pretty much the only reasons to grind standing with them.

 How to get August Celestials Reputation

    WoW August Celestials rep grind is done by assisting one of four temples every day. Basicallym you will be send on a trip to help Celestial with their daily quest in one of zones.

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