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 Who are the Sons of Hodir?

    Sons of Hodir is a faction of frost giants that can be found in the Storm Peaks. They were created by the titans to watch over the Azeroth together with the Watchers. Long ago, one of the watchers Loken betrayed his bretheren under influence of Yogg-Saron and tricked his brother Thorm to strike at his own allies. Now Thorim seeks your help to regain trust of his frost giants and confront Loken for his betrayal.

 Sons of Hodir Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Sons of Hodir you can purchase four different mammoth mounts for your collection, two of them being a three seater – one for you and two for your friends! There are also many different items that can be used as transmogrification for your character.

 How to get Sons of Hodir Reputation

    WoW Sons of Hodir rep grind first has to be started through a questchain in the Storm Peaks because they will appear hostile to you, with no way to interact. After reaching a certain point, they will offer daily quests that will be the main stepping stone in gaining reputation with the faction.

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