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 Who are the Wardens?

    It is no secret that Broken Isles is a place of a prison build by Elves for the most vile and dangerous creatures found on Azeroth. When there is something that has to be locked up forever it ends up in Vault of the Wardens and is protected by the chosen and dedicated jailors called the Wardens. Eternally, they safeguard the prison and it’s convicted to make sure they never escape to see the light of day. But, with another invasion of the Burning Legion, the Vault has been unsealed and monsters and demons now run rampant from their cages to their freedom. Now they seek help to take escaped prisoners dead or alive. Dead it is.

 Wardens Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Wardens you can get their unique tabard for your collection, as well as some capes to use as transmogrification items. There is also a toy that can make you look like a Warden. It can drop with a small chance from Paragon cache awarded for gaining 10000 reputation after exalted.

 How to get Wardens Reputation

    WoW Wardens rep grind is only done via rare World Quests that appear all across Broken Isles. They require you slaying some powerful elite foe.

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