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 Who are the Valarjar?

    Valarjar is a faction of ascended vrykul handpicked by the Odin himself to serve in death in the Halls of Valor. After death, their spirits are taken to the Halls by the Valkyrie, where they serve Odin and fight eternally for his cause. One of the fallen Val’kyr known as Helya cursed Odin and his armies to be trapped inside the halls forever. Although, this doesn’t exactly stop them fighting off the Burning Legion during this new invasion, now does it?

 Valarjar Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Valarjar you can get several new transmogrification items for your character, recipes for new armor, and a new toy and pet for your collection! You can also keep gaining standing with them to reach paragon and have a chance on obtaining their signature mount, Valarjar Stormwing!

 How to get Valarjar Reputation

    WoW Valarjar rep grind starts with questline in Stormheim that sends you on an adventure of obtaining blessings of several tribes. Completing the questline will lend you enough reputation to reach Honored status and unlocks World Quests with the faction to reach exalted.

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