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 Who are the Nightfallen?

    Nightborne are the race of elves that reside on Broken Isles in their own corner of the world called Suramar. As their other brethren, they too have their own source of arcane power that nourishes their people called the Nightwell. For over millennia, they were prospering and free, until the day the Burning Legion has returned. Their demonic armies have assaulted the city and put the Grand Magistrix Elisande up to an ultimatum – submit and serve their new masters or perish with the rest of the world. Now, the city suffers under their influence: many innocent are dying of hunger, while those who disagreeing with the decision were driven out altogether. Now, outcast and without sustenance, a new faction was born of those who wish to drive off the invaders and return justice and peace to their beloved city.

 Nightfallen Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Nightfallen and completing all chapters of their questline you will be able to obtain a new flying mount themed after the Nightborne race called Arcanist’s Manasaber! It is free to obtain and only requires completing the Nighthold raid on any difficulty! There are also class specific transmogrification items that you’ll be able to purchase from your class hall vendor, as well as some interesting toys sold by Thalyssra.

 How to get Nightfallen Reputation

    WoW Nightfallen rep grind starts with questline in Dalaran offered by Kadgar that sends you straight to Suramar. By completing chapters of that questline you‘ll gain standing and open up World Quests in the zone that will help with the grind even more.

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