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 What is the Court of Farondis?

    Court of Farondis is one of few courts that stood up against Queen Azshara when she allied herself with Sargeras during the War of the Ancients. Farondis planned to destroy the Well of Eternity with an ancient artifact called Tidestone of Golganneth and in process sever a powerful source of energy that helped the Burning Legion during the invasion. But his plans were not come to fruition as Queen Azshara has learned of prince’s plans. She wasted no time and punished citizens of Azsuna by destroying the said Tidestone. Its dark energies were released all across Azsuna, leaving their denizens to roam eternality as vengeful spirits, all because of Farondis’ mistake.

 Court of Farondis Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Court of Farondis you can get their unique tabard and some new transmogrification items for your collection. For hunters there is a new artifact appearance transmogrification awaiting them at Revered status. You can also try your luck at obtaining a new Cloudwing Hippogryph from cache by obtaining additional 10000 reputation with the faction.

 How to get Court of Farondis Reputation

    WoW Court of Farondis rep grind is started by completing their questline in Azsuna. It should give you enough standing to reach Honored status with the faction. After that, you can complete World Quests in Azsuna to reach Exalted.

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