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 Who is Therazane?

    Therazane is one of four elemental lords that reside in Azeroth. The rules over the earth elementals and is revered by all creatures of stone and those that dwell underground. Unlike other elemental lords, she is most peaceful and patient of the four and does not seek to conquest on all living beings. And, there is a faction of earth elementals created in her name. She resides in Deepholm, vary of strangers but ready to help those seeking to heal the earth.

 Therazane Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with Therazane you won’t be able to purchase anything of use for your character, as all the items their quartermaster sells were only relevant in Cataclysm. But you still can purchase their tabard for your collection, as well as one additional faction for your meta-achievement after reaching exalted.

 How to get Therazane Reputation

    WoW Therazane rep grind can be completed by doing normal and daily quests in Deepholm. There is also the faction tabard that can be used to gain reputation by defeating enemies in heroic Cataclysm dungeons, Grim Batol and Hall of Origination.

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