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Eternal Palace Normal Run Boost

Eternal Palace Normal Run Boost
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    World of Warcraft returns with a new patch of content and grind. There are new zones, more quests and story continuation, but the most important part is the new raid called “The Eternal Palace”. There are whole eight new bosses that consists of different underwater monsters, creations and generals of the court of Queen Azshara. But there is always a problem of finding a group that actually is capable of defeating them. They are usually very under equipped so they can’t even survive the incoming damage, or they just don’t follow tactics at all and die at the beginning of the fight. And even if you do manage to complete the whole instance, you don’t get a lot of items because they drop to other players. This is a frustration situation and you’re not getting anywhere at that pace.

 Is there a solution to this problem?

    We offer to all World of Warcraft players a service called Eternal Palace Normal Boost. We will take your character through the whole raid on normal difficulty with a premade group of twenty professional players. Your character will be able to get the necessary items from the bosses and become stronger in no time! If you choose additional option, the group members will trade all the items they get to you! This will ensure that your archetype is properly geared up and ready for all dangers of Azeroth. And, if selfplay option is selected, you can participate in the raid and fight all bosses yourself! Professional party leader will explain everything you need to know to win the fights and be ready for future outings.

 How does the service works?

    After making a purchase, contact our online operator via chat. They will find a group that will work on your order. If you chose selfplay mode, you’ll have to negotiate the time at which the service will be completed with our online support. Else, you need to share your account’s login and password with the operator. It is completely safe to do because we won’t ask any additional information to your mail, secret words, etc. If you’re still having doubts, check out our Trustpilot, it is full of reviews from our clients who have bought different boosts on our website.

 What will you get for this service:

• We'll complete Eternal Palace Raid for your character on normal difficulty

• You will get 415+ gear during the boost

• If you chose additional boosters, they will trade the items they get to you

• Gold, order resources, azerite obtained during the boost

• Boost takes approximately up to 4 hours

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have a level 120 character on your account

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