Patch 9.2: Introduction to Zereth Mortis

Patch 9.2 of World of Warcraft brings many new additions to the game, including new zone, new sub-system, new raid, new mounts, tier set gear, and many more! In this article we will try to go as short as possible and explain all that's being added.

 Zereth Mortis

    is a brand new zone made at the beginning of the creation. It is a place where the first prototype of the afterlife was created and give way to Shadowlands as we know it today. Zereth Mortis will be the main zone where we will spend all the time during patch 9.2. Zereth Mortis has new World and Daily Quests for you to complete. The daily quests are unlocked after completing the Third chapter of the new questline campaign that comes with 9.2 patch.

 The Enlightened - new faction

    It is also mandatory to have a new faction that comes with new zone, and this time it is a faction of Brokers called The Enlightened. Brokers that have discovered Zereth Mortis deemed this place as being sacred and decided to change their ways from profit and trade, and instead become the protectors of knowledge of the ancient workshop. You will be able to upgrade reputation with them by completing quests inside the new zone, collecting treasures and defeating rare and elite enemies.

 Cypher of the First Ones

    is a new system introduced in Zereth Mortis to the players. This system will improve player experience outdoor activities in the new zone, as well as in the old Shadowlands zones. By learning how to communicate with the Automa in Zereth Mortis with deciphering of their language, we will obtain new powers that will help us defeat Zoval, the Jailer. This new system, unlike the Renown, grants no new player power for instances, dungeons, raids and arena. If you don't want to complete activities in Zereth Mortis, you will be able to skip the system in it's entirety. This system will increase reputation gains with the Enlightened, temporary buffs that work in any zones of the Shadowlands, a crafting system that will allow you to create new battle-pets and mounts, and increase of item level of equipment dropped from Zereth Mortis.

 New Covenant Legendary and Equip Double Legendaries

    When you'll complete the Chapter 7 of the 9.2 patch campaign, you will be awarded the new legendary called Belt of Unity. This legendary will enchance your covenant ability and will swap it's effect to which ever covenant you are currently have. When you'll reach Revered status with The Enlightened you will be able to purchase the Memory of Unity, allowing you to craft covenant legendary on any slot instead of the Belt and will require 500 of new Cosmic Flux currency obtained from several quests in the new zone, new rares and bosses, caches and inside new floors of Torghast. You will be able to equip any other legendary item together with a legendary that has the Memory of Unity effect on it, meaning you can't just equip two random legendaries together, but only Memory of Unity and any other legendary effect.

 Sepulcher of the First Ones

    This location contains ancient and powerful beings, prototypes of celestials and pantheons, and many other beings that help in the creation of the afterlife. Jailer has invaded the Sepulcher and corrupted it's denizens with domination magic. Now it's up to you to uncover how to resist it and stop Zoval from destroying all of life in the Cosmos.

    Sepulcher of the First Ones is a new 11 boss raid located in Zereth Mortis. On the first week you will be able to challenge Normal and Heroic difficulty of the instance, but only with first 8 bosses. All 11 bosses will be available the following week after the release, together with Mythic difficulty. Boss encounters are branched and will allow you to choose from several encounters, leaving the harder ones last if you so choose.

 Tier sets

    are finally back with the new raid. You will be able to obtain these tier pieces from bosses inside the raid, sorted by armor slot per boss. Hands will be dropped from Lihuvim, Legs are from Halondrus, Helm is from Anduin Wrynn, Shoulders obtained by defeating Lords of Dread, and Chest piece is dropped by Rygelon. You can also obtain said tier pieces by completing any activity for the Weekly Vault, including Mythic Keystones and Arena games, and by crafting them from non-tier pieces.

    That's right, you can craft tier sets by using armor pieces of the same armor slot with new Creation Catalyst. By inserting a piece of Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands or Legs with required item level and spending new Cosmic Flux currency and you will get yourself a newly created tier piece! This system will not be available with launch 9.2, but probably will be added later down the line. We will just have to wait and see.


 New Torghast Floors and Jailer's Gauntlet

    If you thought that you can finally forget about visiting that accursed tower you'd better think again. Torghast is coming back with even more new Layers that you'll have to complete in order to obtain new Cosmic Flux currency that is mandatory to upgrade your legendaries further. The floors 13-16 will drop 70, 80, 90 and 100 Cosmic Flux per wing respectively. And more than that, enemies inside torghast will now get new Empowered Torments that will make your runs even more harder then before, so you better to prepare accordingly.

    More than that, there is a new Jailer's Gauntlet mode that acts as a challenge mode similar to Twisting Corridors. But unlike Twisting Corridors, it actually sounds fun because it's a Boss Rush. You will have to face off different bosses that you've met inside Torghast in a quick duel to the death, with some new additions. There are four layers total inside the Gauntlet, with each one having it's own unique reward. For completing the Gauntlet, you will be rewarded a new Battle Pet called Lightless Tormentor (which looks like a small living domination minion), a new Dominated Hearthstone toy, new title "Gauntlet Runner", and a new devilish looking mount called Sturdy Soulsteel Mawrat. Each layer has it's own recommended item level: layer #1 requires ilvl 230+, layer #2 requires ilvl 245+, layer #1 requires ilvl 260+, layer #1 requires ilvl 275+.


 This concludes the post about 9.2 patch and all new additions to the game. We hope it was short and informative!

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