Classic: The First Legend

    While getting to level 60 is a primary goal of all players, after that you have to conquer the PvE in World of Warcraft, and for the first phase there will be only one raid which all starting raiding guilds will have to complete at least a couple of times before progressing to harder instances – the Molten Core. This will be the first challenge for every raiding group, because if you don’t completing this dungeon and slaying all the bosses inside you won’t be able to challenge the future dangers of Azeroth, it is a very important step before engaging in more challenging content.

    Inside the fiery volcano there are ten bosses, including the pinnacle of fire elements, lord of fire Ragnaros. The raid requires thorough preparation as it will be no joke – any slight misstep will kill your whole party instantly. In WoW Classic there were resistances to elements of different types: fire, ice, arcane, nature, shadow, etc. As it is, the elementals and hounds deal an insane amount of fire damage, too much for any healer to rejuvenate. As it is, your first step in conquering the Molten Core will be to acquire as much fire resistance gear as possible.

    When you level up, if you ever encounter resistance gear, NEVER toss away or sell resistance gear: it will be very useful in the future for different raids, store it in a bank or something. Or, you can always check the auction house, if you are wealthy enough, of course.

    As you most likely will be underequipped for the journey, you will have to prepare items and have them at your disposal during raid, any little bit helps. Level up your profession to craft yourself armor or prepare some technological wonders such as bombs, or enhance your gear with stat increasing spells. Most important will be potions – health, mana, resistance, damage, every single bit will be very useful during encounters.

    Don’t be stingy and be prepared to spend your gold at the auction house if you’re not ready to farm yourself – concoction will be a very important step in defeating the elementals.

    Of course, tactics are very important in defeating the challenges of the raid, but we won’t be covering them here – there are already plenty of guides to how the bosses work and what they do. We hope this article will help you to prepare for your first legend beforehand.

Get your character to level 60 and be first to conquer Molten Core:

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