Patch 8.2: World PvP

World PvP is loved by everyone, and those who say they don’t blatantly lie! And no matter what anyone says, in BfA World PvP slowly comes to life. Let's remember what happened to PvP in the open world in the previous expansions:

Vanilla - there are no flying mounts (sometimes even just mounts), no phasing, all players are in the same locations, mass fights, clashes, blood, shouts, happiness.

Burning Crusade - in principle, little has changed compared to Vanilla. Fights in the Outworld, battles in Nagrand, minor skirmishes in Zangramash.

Lich King - the war for Wintergrasp and ... that’s it. But on the PvP servers players still met each other at the raid entrances and fought in the open field sometimes.

Cataclysm - World PvP began to slowly die ... Tol Barad is only an echo of the Wintergrasp...

Pandaria - World PvP continues to die. Pre-mades appeared, farming random players in 40 people, but due to the imbalance of PvP and PvE gear it was not a battle, but bullying of those who didn’t really like to raid.

Draenor - some are sitting in the Garrison, some in Ashran. Ashran was a steep battlefield, but it was a battlefield.

Legion - everything is bad. Some PvP World Quests do not bring into the game an element of war, the players just run without touching each other. Because of the phasing, there are very few other players, and when they do appear, we don’t feel like fighting.

And finally, BfA - shutting down PvP and PvE servers and introducing War Mode ... Riots flare up on the forums, some shout that the World PvP has finally died, others answer that it has been dead for many years. Talk about War mode being good idea quickly fades away ... And then it turns out that War Mode is actually healthy for the game! If you compare it with the Legion, now there are much more World PvP in the world! Every now and then groups or raids gather, everywhere someone kills someone, they fight on the world bosses, they capture the flights! Here it is! PvP has returned to the open world, albeit not on the scale it used to.

But that's not all, because the developers are preparing for us something very cool in the update Return of Azshara, and now you will find out exactly what it is!

For those who are not particularly aware of the latest news. Nazjatar is a new location, something like the Timeless Isle, the Tanaan Jungle, the Broken Shore and so on. But, according to the developers, Nazjatar will be the coolest of all the above. There we will fight in 8.2, do plot tasks, get equipment, perform world quests, open the entrance to a new raid, and so on. There will also be new resources that will be needed by the crafters and the merchants, a lot of new mounts... well, we will spend a lot of time in Nazjatar.

And this location will sometimes become a real scene of hostilities! Periodically, a special PvP event will take place in Nazjatar, which is valid only in the War Mode. It lasts 45 minutes and at this time players of both factions will be able to score points. The fraction that first scores 1000 points will win.

Points are scored in several ways, the main ones are killing enemy players and capturing PvP towers. But not like in Legion, where only mobs are opposed to you, no! Here the players will be fighting for the same towers at the same time! In total there will be five of them.

The towers are captured like on the Eye of the Storm, you need to run up and wait for a while. When the tower is controlled by your faction, you gradually gain points. And besides, for each captured tower, all players in the captured faction receive a + 5% buff to damage in Nazjatar, which stacks up to 25%.

If your faction wins the battle for Nazjatar, you will receive 5 Nazjatar Battle Commendation and 100 Conquest points. But only once a day, for subsequent victories you will receive only 1 Battle Commendation.

And one more time per day you can do a special world quest, which appears during the battle, which is called the Battle for Nazjatar. To complete it, you need to fill out a personal bar by also killing enemies and capturing towers. And you get too 100 points of conquest and 5 military medals. Thus, even if your faction loses, but you complete the quest - you will receive a reward. And if the faction wins, double reward!

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