Arcane Mages of BFA

Global class changes in the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion also affected the Mages in the "Arcane" branch. Some skills and talents of the character were changed. In the spell book, the first difference is seen in the ability "Polymorph". In the state of the sheep, the mob can stay 1 minute instead of 50 seconds. The "Evocation" skill no longer restores a certain amount of mana instantly. It increases the regeneration of this parameter by 750% for 6 seconds. The Arcane Blast ability increases for each charge by 100% instead of 125, and the skill cast time decreases by 8%. The Arcane Arrows spell has undergone a major recycling. It no longer has a cast and can be used at any time, but there are mana costs of 3,000 for one cast. The skill does not increase in damage for Arcane charges and also does not accumulate them, the damage is inflicted for 2.1 seconds instead of 2. The damage done to the Arcane Explosion also does not increase in damage when charges are consumed, but casting a spell allows you to obtain a resource unit. The Arcane Barrage ability can be activated every 2.6 seconds instead of 4.5, but the additional damage from skill is reduced by half. In the "Legion" it was 64%, and with the advent of the new expansion it became 32%, the attack rate for additional targets also decreased from 50 to 40%. Mages in the "Arcane" branch returned the "Remove Curse" skill, which allows you to dispel a curse from a friendly target. Also in the "Battle for Azeroth" all three specializations of the archetype were returned "Arcane Intellect" which increases intellect indicator by 10% for the whole group or raid. The passive spell "Clearcasting" has 1% chance of triggering the effect for every 100 mana spent. It will allow the next Arcane Blast or Arcane Arrows to be cast without the cost of mana. The skill is new and added to the "Battle of Azeroth". If you want to train mage with level 120 character, we recommend to buy powerleveling WoW.

New cost of cast and new cooldowns

    In talents, changes are already visible from the 15th level. The original skill "Rule of Threes" added. Passively with the third Arcane Charge "Arcane Blast" or "Arcane Arrows" can be activated without the cost of resources. The "Amplification" ability in the presence of Clearcasting effect allows you to release an additional arrow from the "Arcane Arrows" skill. The talent has been redesigned, as it used to strengthen spells at the expense of charges. The "Arcane Familiar" still works as it was. In the second tier, the changes affected only the "Shimmer" skill, the recharge time increased from 15 to 20 seconds. Such spells as "Slipstream" and "Mana Shield" remained the same as they were in the "Legion". Tier 45 level remained without any changes.

Updates in Battle of Azeroth, new information

    The talent of "Resonance" increases damage by 15% instead of 25% for each target hit with the Arcane Barrage skill. In the tier of level 75, the developers did not make any changes. In the next branch, the Unstable Magic skill was replaced with Touch of the Magi. Arcane Blast has a 10% chance to apply Touch of the Magi, accumulating 20% of the damage you deal to the target for 68 sec, and then exploding for that to the target and all nearby enemies. The talent "Erosion" was replaced with Reverberate. If Arcane Explosion hits at least 3 targets with 50% chance it will generate an Arcane Charge. In the last dash, the "Time Stream" spell was reconsidered. At any moment, you have a chance to gain Arcane Power for 10 sec, gain Evocation for 1 sec, or gain 4 Arcane Charges. That’s a very random talent in the last tier, but depending on how often it procs it might be very good for any situation.

Arcane will become stronger or weaker?   

    The changes of the Magician in the "Arcane" branch are quite substtantial, and it’s a great idea to buy boost wow to help with it. According to the first impressions, it is estimated that the Arcane was slightly weakened. If the developers do not increase the official loss of the official damage from the main spells, then the lack of influence of Arcane Charges will be strongly felt. Almost all talents that were changed became a bit weaker. This applies to a greater degree of tunnel damage to one goal. In some talents such as "Time Flow", mechanics have been reconsidered, which are more suitable for the features of this class. The conclusions are made based on the latest beta test, which can be leveled with the arrival of the official expansion. Wait for our next updated to learn more about how the "Ice" and "Fire" specializations were reconsidered. 

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