About BestBoost Club Boosting Team!
     This is who we are.

World of Warcraft – the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the world, it gave rise to the beginning and love in this gaming genre. We are playing in WoW for a very long time, conquered from firelands of Ragnaros to Frozen Throne of Lich King, cleansed the world’s heart from aspect of Cataclysm, and saved the world from dangers of Burning Legion. But, unfortunately, real life didn’t give us the chance to continue to spend time in our beloved game, in which we have created so many stories together. And that’s why you are making our dreams become a reality! We have started the BestBoost.Club website to continue doing what we all are enjoying so much!

     We have engaged in WoW Boost service with which any player can choose something that he or she needs in the game, be that leveling a character to maximum level, getting powerful items from a raid, or just completing several achievements, and easily obtaining it with the help of other experienced players. And that is exactly what we are doing!

     Our team has gained a big amount of experience for all the time of our work, and we know that a customer always comes first. We work continuously for many years every day, and we are always ready to help you with your troubles!
     What are we doing?

BestBoost.Club is a professional team that specializes in boosting players in the game called World of Warcraft. We have built our reputation by completing thousands of orders for both PvE and PvP content. Even if you didn’t find a service that you were looking for at our website, always contact our online operators: we are ready to complete almost any kind of service, be that acquisition of a certain item or collecting a whole bag of transmog items!

     We want for our service to be available to all WoW gamers in need, that’s why we are setting the most adequate and accessible prices. It doesn’t matter, be that gathering of different ingredients or completion of very hard mythic dungeon. On our website you will always find our prices being cheaper than in any other shops! But if you still think that you can’t afford the service or the tag is still to high, we always welcome bargain – contact our online operators, and they will always find a suitable value that will be beneficial for both sides.

     Our main and the biggest focus is doing everything in our power to leave our clients satisfied with our services. For that, we have a whole eight operators working around the clock: they have knowledge and experience about the game, so you can always ask them a question at which you will get a satisfactory answer in a very short amount of time. It can be about the service, status or your purchase, or anything else connected to our website or the game. When purchasing an item, each client is assigned with his own personal operator. He is taking the responsibility for the quality of the work being done by the boosters personally!

     Speaking of the boosters, quality and safety of our service are the biggest priority to us, and that is exactly why instead of using bots, cheats or hacks we work only with qualified and trustworthy people and guilds, which have completed more than a hundred different items for our website. Although we always encourage and promote safe services that have Selfplay, to comply with Blizzard's ToS as much as possible, if you don't have time or opportunity to participate in the ling raids, you can always trust your character to our trusted people!

     We like being honest with our customers. That’s why if a service entails any kind of risks during and after the completion of service, we will tell you about them beforehand. If you’ll encounter any problem that you’re not responsible for, we will investigate and take the action accordingly and, depending on the set situation, you will get compensation.

We have more than 180 boosters working with us at all times, all of them being experienced players who we trust and work with for a very long time.
And we have over 100 reviews on Trustpilot, almost every one of them being "Excellent" rating - customers of all ranges, satisfied and dissatisfied, can leave their comment about our services and experience they had working with us. While we are not perfect, we will always strive to be better and grow as a team!

Here are some reviews from our Trustpilot page:

If you’re still looking to boost your toon in WoW - try working with us, you won’t regret it. Because you will:

• Get the best quality services from our operators and players;
• Save insane amount of time;
• Get recommendations about leveling and boosting on our website;
• Be pleasantly surprised by our prices.

     You can rest easy about safety of your character and account. You will get almost an immediate result, and if you don’t believe us you can always read reviews about our services and its activities. If you weren’t playing WoW for a long time and doubt if you need such a boost – just remember how many new content will become available to you: dungeons, raids, quests and much more! BestBoost.Club is the BEST WoW Boosting website for all players.
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