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Item Level Boost

Item Level Boost

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Item Level Boost with BestBoost.Club.

 Hello. This service provides customers an ilvl character boost. Why would I need that, you ask? Let's say you have dozens of characters you have leveled, but don't have time or patience to equip them all in the best gear possible for the end-game content, or just can't find a raid or a guild that needs someone with an unprepared archetype for the challenges. So, if you are looking for someone who could upgrade your character's item level, you're in luck. BestBoost.Club is prepared to do a quick boost of your character to the 325, 340 or even 360 ilvl in the shortest amount of time!

    With this service, customer's in-game character will be geared up to 325, 340 or 360 item level respectively. You can choose either selfplay or piloted options, though the second one will be more convenient for you since the boost might take a big amount of time. The speed of this service depends on the luck of the player in item drops, titanforging of the gear and method of boosting. The boost can take respectively from one to seven days, depending on the equipment that you get. But believe, our customers are always satisfied with the result of this service - after it's done, you will have a completely prepared character for the end-game content in World of Warcraft.

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