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Mimiron's Head

Mimiron's Head

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     Buy The Mimiron's Head mount.

    One of the hardest creatures to get. This unique mount can be captured by our team of experienced players to make you stand out of the mass of other WoW players.

    This service allows the players to get a unique mount called “Mimiron's Head”. Here’s a list of its specifications:


         • Unusual model with a huge mechanical gnome head.

         • The drop chance is only 1.33% and only the tenth part of all players have this mount in the collection.

         • Makes interesting loud sounds while moving.

         • The mount can be used only by characters with Expert Riding skill.

    If you buy the mimiron's head mount, you will get:

        • A unique mount called Mimiron's Head.

        • Additional negotiations on items collected in the process of Ulduuar dungeon raid completion.

    How the order is carried out:

        • The customer gives temporary account access for Ulduar farming (raid that can provide you with this mount).

        • Solo game isn’t possible because of lengthy farming.

        • Defeat of Yogg-Saron boss and completion of Ulduar raid will last as long as “Mimiron's Head” mount drops.

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