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Flying on the Broken Isles

Flying on the Broken Isles

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Unlocking Flying on the Broken Isles with BestBoost Club! 

Already, according to the tradition of developers, in the next addon to the World of Warcraft flying on the new continent does not open right away.  Only the new 7.2 patch let you open the free flying using your own mount. But in order for you to do this, you’ll need to complete a large number of conditions, and therefore BestBoost Club offers to do those for you! You only need to give us access to the account and wait for the specified period of time. The service will be performed at its best.

    In order for you to unlock flying in Legion, you need to have 2 achievements on your account: "Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part 1" and "Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part 2". They include a number of smaller achievements which require special actions. The number of necessary tasks can frighten even the experienced user, not to mention the newbie. In order to not waste a lot of time on this, just order this service on the BestBoost Club. You are guaranteed to receive everything that the order provides!

    It can take from 14 to 21 days to complete all the achievements that are required to unlock flying on the Broken Isles.

       The following tasks will be performed while completing an order:

* Full exploration of the continent Broken Isles to obtain the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievements;
* Completion of all the story lines in each zone from the "Legion" addon, if they are not finished at the time of the order;
* World Quests will be finished in different zones of the Broken Isles until an achievement of "Variety is the Spice of Life" is unlocked;
* Reputation boost with six major factions on the Broken Isles, as well as the Armies of the Legionfall;
* Completion of the character's Order Hall Class campaign;


      Why is it better to choose

     Without the necessary knowledge or skills, independent completing of the achievements will take ~1 months. BestBoost Club Service guarantees to do everything as quickly as possible for the customer. Our experts have enough gaming experience to not waste precious time and carry out missions in the right order. So you will have time for yourself and then begin the adventure with the flying on the Broken Isles. In addition to the ability to fly on your own mount in all locations of the new continent, you will receive useful items. Only the BestBoost Club store can offer you such bonus! For example, our employees will complete the Order Hall Class campaign instead of a customer and he will receive a level 830 chest gear, as well as the new artifact appearance for the character. We also made is so the more options you choose to buy - the less you have to pay! It's a win-win situation!

        Your account is in good hands! 

        If you finished one of Pathfinder achievements - contact our BestBoost.Club Support, they will help you with the price. After making an order, you only need to give us your login details. Safety of all your data is 100% guaranteed. You can take some rest while other players are doing everything on your behalf. Next time you load the game, you will discover the ability to fly freely on the Broken Isles as well as the new items in your inventory. If you want to unlock flying in Legion - don't waste any time and buy legion flying now!

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