Classic Powerleveling

[PRE-ORDER] Classic Powerleveling

[PRE-ORDER] Classic Powerleveling

Buy [PRE-ORDER] Classic Powerleveling on bestboost.club

    Buy WoW Classic Powerleveling on BestBoost.Club

    The time has come to return to the roots of what has been foundation of the game we know today. Time when you worked to achieve things and raise yourself higher than before. Place where only cooperation and teamwork will help you succeed and become stronger. We are talking about going back to old World of Warcraft! Everything was different before – enemies are hard to kill, equipment is tough to obtain, gold actually has value, and WoW classic leveling is ridiculous.

    You have two continents to work with – Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, and will have to complete big amount of tasks since pumping in vanilla is hard and unforgiving. Quest items drop rarely, so you will have to wait for respawns of certain mobs to complete quests. Rare spawns count only towards a first person or group that hit them and it will be a waiting game for an objective. There are also enemy faction players so get ready to fight for the objectives.

    Is there a better way?

   There already exists a thing called WoW classic leveling boost! We will choose a booster to assign to your account and he will pump your character to the maximum. All work will be done by hand during different play sessions. Service will be completed via grinding mobs, doing quests, gathering ingredients and crafting items with professions. All items and gold obtained during the boost will be left on the character and it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. To start customer only has to share his account’s login and password and tell the name of the character he wants to be worked on to our online support after purchasing the service. It’s completely safe operation because we won’t ask any additional information; it was tested many times before by other customers, you can check reviews.

    We know the amount time required getting a hero to the top and that’s why our staff has prepared the shortest route to complete the order as fast as possible. While we will be working hard on it you can relax somewhere nice and wait for us to complete our service.

 What will you get for this service:

• We will get your character level from 1 to 60

• The boost will take from 14 to 24 days

• All the obtained items and gold will be left in player's bags and bank