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Classic Professions Boost

Classic Professions Boost
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Buy WoW Classic Professions Boost

    Classic WoW is a very demanding game when it comes practically to anything. Especially time consuming are the skills of trade and craft that your character can learn. To get just one professions to the maximum Artisan skill you'll have to gather a lot of different and expensive materials, repeating many times. So, it's just an annoying routine of gathering and crafting. And that is exactly why we offer you this service.

    With the profession boost service you won't have to worry about grinding through the whole continent to level your skill to maximum - we will do it for you! It doesn't matter which profession you choose - from gathering and mining to crafting armor and weapons, we can do it all! The way we complete this service is relatively simple - we do everything that normal people do, just gather materials, craft items, sell the items on auction house, exchange the obtained gold into more reagents, craft again, and repeat from the start! It's a basic route, but with our knowledge of what to gather where, and what items are more useful to craft and sell, we will get Artisan rank times faster than a regular player. All you have to do is purchase the service and contact our online operators via chat box - they will assign a booster that will complete your order in a designated amount of time.

 What will you get for this service:

• We will get one of your professions to the highest rank - Artisan

• Skill of the chosen profession will be upgraded to 300

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• Your character must be level 60 to complete the order.

• Obtained during the boost materials will be sold on auction house. All the gold received from the sold material will be exchanged into needed reagents to level the chosen profession.


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