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Glory of the Legion Raider


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    Glory of the Legion Achievement

    Glory of the Legion raid is one of the hardest raids in World of Warcraft. However, it gives you a chance to receive a ton of sweet loot and valuable achievements.


    If you buy the glory of the legion achievemant, you will get:

        • Meta achievement Glory of The Legion Raider, which includes 17 achievements and also you will get 195 points to the general rating.

        • Unique mount Grove Defiler.       

        • Possibility to get other items is negotiated while processing with the order.


    Our team’s actions after the order is processed:

        • Professional gameplay from the customer’s account or allowing the customer to join the team for completion of the quest (solo game is negotiated with an operator).
        • All raids will be completed in heroic mode or higher.
        • Collecting of all items found on the way (equipment; jewelry, relics and other things).


        • 110 level.

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