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Prestige level

Prestige level

Prestige level

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 Buy Prestige level.

 Latest WoW upgrades changed a number of things including the way the honor points are used. It’s not a usual currency anymore, but it still offers something valuable.

    Legion add-on brought a complete change into the system of PvP fights in World of Warcraft. From this moment honor points can’t be used as currency for buying equipment. Instead of that, they become the source of experience in the new system of talents. This skill tier works only on battlegrounds with other players. However, these skills are as relevant as before.

    If you want to order this WoW PvP boosting service here's how that works: You have chosen 6 Prestige Levels and your current Prestige Level is 3, what means you will be Prestige Level 9 when boost will be completed.

    Here are the reasons for getting honor points:

    •     Combat system with other players has fully changed and additional skills level plays the most important role. The more honor points you have, the faster the tier is upgraded;

    •     Every tier has 50 levels. Then it becomes possible to get valuable awards and drop off the points getting to the second tier. Every level up results in improvement of rewards. Honor points are needed for that;

    •     Honor points is a straightforward way to make the character stronger on the arenas and battlegrounds;

    The service includes:

    •     Gaining the necessary amount of Prestige or Honor levels to fulfill the terms of the contract;

    •     Obtaining  necessary PvP talents for the character

    •     Artifact power for your weapon

    •     Includes rewards for each prestige level:

        •   Alliance Enthusiast and Horde Fanatic for prestige level 1;
        •   Artifact Appearance for prestige level 2;
        •   Honorable Pennant for prestige level 3;
        •   Prestigious Bronze Courser mount for prestige level 4;
        •   The Honorable title for prestige level 5;
        •   Artifact Tint for prestige level 6;
        •   Dutiful Gruntling and Dutiful Squire for prestige level 7;
        •   Prestigious Pennant for prestige level 8;
        •   Prestigious Ivory Courser mount for prestige level 9;
        •   The Prestigious title for prestige level 10;
        •   Artifact Appearance for prestige level 11;
        •   Elite Pennant for prestige level 12;
        •   Prestigious Azure Courser mount for prestige level 13;
        •   The Unrelenting title for prestige level 14;
        •   Artifact Appearance for prestige level 15;
        •   Esteemed Pennant for prestige level 16;
        •   Prestigious Forest Courser mount for prestige level 17;
        •   the Unstoppable Force title for prestige level 18;

The boost takes 2-4 days per prestige level and will be done via unranked battlegrounds and arena games. We don't use any bots or such: the real people do the boosting for you with VPN of your country and/or city so it will look like you just logged from another PC.

The customer is required to have level 110 character, possibility to play a solo game with the professionals or provide temporary account access.

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