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Legion Mythic + , Mythic Keystones Dungeons

Legion Mythic + , Mythic Keystones Dungeons

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Getting mythic keystone in the BestBoost Club store

 "Legion" add-on brought into the World of Warcraft a new challenge mode for dungeons called mythic keystone or mythic+. After passing the first instance at the standard mythic difficulty, you'll receive a special keystone to one of the available dungeons. Next time you enter the dungeon, you can insert the keystone into the special bowl at the entrance and increase the reward for the completion. With each new dungeon passage, the keystone will grow in level, increasing its difficulty and adding affixes for the dungeon. It’s one of the most successful ways to put on the high-level equipment and get ready for the new raids.

     After the key is activated and the mythic plus boost starts, you’ll see a timer in the group. You’ll see how much time you have for killing bosses and other monsters. Don’t worry, you have enough time and even more. But remember that the timer should not go to the end during cleaning up, otherwise the next level key will not be received. The time counter forces players to entirely focus on the task.


     The mythic plus mode allows players to put on the 890+ equipment. Starting with the keystone of the second level, users will get the following items. At +10 difficulty players will get 890+ items. Taking into account the random improvements and titanforged upgrade, the equipment can reach the level 965+. The quality of items improves with each new keystone so that’s why their upgrade is needed. The player can quickly dress in high-level items and continue the hero's boosting in raids.

     Along with the awards, the complexity of the mythic dungeons increases. At the 4th, 7th and 10th levels, monsters gain different affixes. They fall into a rage with low health, ignore the threat from the tank, strengthen allies and cause explosions under the feet of the characters even after death.

     Passing the dungeons becomes more complex and interesting. That’s a real challenge for the groups which shows how skillful and well-coordinated they are.


     The BestBoost Club offers to boost mythic plus for every visitor of this page. You’ll need to select the keystone level, give us the details from your account and just wait a certain time till the order is completed. Security is guaranteed by the fact that you just provide the login details. We do not require any information for password recovery. You may check out the feedbacks on our page to see how many satisfied customers we have.

     Mythic dungeons boost is made by a group of experienced boosters. Their work experience guarantees 100% success. After pumping the keystone, the user receives certain achievements (when choosing a 5+ level), valuable items and equipment 890+. This service allows you to quickly dress the character and prepare it for raid dungeons or battles on the battlefields.


     We guarantee low prices for services and fast execution of the tasks. The boost of the keystone to the maximum level lasts up to 2 hours. The player quickly gets the valuable items from mythic chest. Also the 935+ item is guaranteed for the dungeon cleaning at the 10th level keystone. Speed and safety are the main advantages of the order in the BestBoost Club service.

The completion of the service take about an hour. Please, verify time with our online support.

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