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Mythic Legion Dungeons

Mythic Legion Dungeons

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 Legion add-on added twelve new dungeons of three difficulty levels to the World of Warcraft. The following service suggests the completion of all of them on the hardest mythic difficulty, including two unique instances – The Arcway and the Court of Stars. 

    If you'll buy Legion Mythic Dungeons, you will get:

        • All gear and equipment collected after completion of dungeons.

        • Gold, artifact power and other resources collected after fights with bosses and elite monsters.
        • Studying of all combat mechanics and completion of new content.
        • A set of achievements unlocked after completion of all dungeons on the mythic difficulty.

    Requirements for ordering this service:        

        • Your character must be 110 level.
        • You must have "Return to Karazhan" unlocked if you chose "Return to Karazhan" run
        • You must have Argus Questline completed if you chose "Seat of Triumvirate" run

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