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Antorus, the Burning Throne - Normal Full Gear

Antorus, the Burning Throne - Normal Full Gear

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Buy Antorus, the Burning Throne - Normal Full Gear for your characters.

 The new raid has been included with 7.3 patch for all players with Argus - Antorus, the Burning Throne. It consists of eleven bosses, and each of them drops 930+ item level equipment rewards. The guilds are preparing to conquer the new challenges, honing their skills and preparing the tactics for the new encounters. You want to participate in fun as well, but your character is not prepared for the raid and doesn't meet the threshold of needed item level to begin raiding. That's why we're offering you a service, which will boost your character with gear from Antorus, the Burning Throne on Normal Difficulty! This will greatly increase your chances of finding a group to complete the raid next time around and will help you in your adventures across all Azeroth!

    What will you get for this service?

    If you'll buy Antorus Normal Full Gear boost, you'll get a full set of 930+ item level equipment for your character: all pieces of gear, from the head to the feet, necklaces, cloaks, rings, trinkets, and other valuable items. You'll be able to participate in the raid yourselves or leave the character in the hands of the professional raids to do all work for you. Including the equipment, you'll also get to defeat all eleven bosses of the raiding instance, artifact power for your weapon which will greatly increase your performance, and gold for your spendings on anything you want.

    Why should you choose BestBoost.Club?

    We guarantee the safety of your account and your characters at all times. If you choose to do this boost piloted, we will only ask you the account's login, password, and verification code to enter the account and start the service. We won't ask any additional information. Besides that, we offer you 24/7 support that can answer all your questions and keep you up to date with the boost. And if you don't like the price, our operators will try to find a compromise that benefits to all sides. To order this service you must have a level 110 character. No other requirements needed.

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