WOW level 100 Boost

WOW 100 level boosting

How many characters in World of Warcraft do you have? Did you know that when you buy the new expansion called “Legion” you get a boost of one of your characters to level 100? But you might want to have more than one booster character. This means, that if you want to learn different classes you’ll have to spend insane amount of time to level your characters up to level 100. It’s very simple. All game time in World of Warcraft is money, which means you have to pay to play.

But what if we’ll say that there’s another way? With WoW Level 100 Boost, thanks to which you will get your character to level 100. You heard it. We will get your character to 100 lvl just for one day so you could enjoy your time in the game.

The only flaw is that you’ll have to learn your character on the level 100, which takes a bit of time.

But do you need?

Do you need it? And how much does this boost cost? It’s very easy – we calculate the cost of character boost on official Blizzard website and how much time you’d need to level up a character yourself. Accounting from these two numbers we are offering our own price, making it much cheaper and faster for you.

For additional donation you can also order WoW 100-110 lvl boost, and the equipment for your character.

Isn’t it dangerous?

No - 100 lvl boost is completely safe. First of all, we’ve consulted with Blizzard before offering the services like this. You won’t get banned for buying a boost from our website.

Second, all boosts are done by hand, by real people. We don’t use any bots or cheats, all services are done from players to players.

And, of course you shouldn’t brag about that you bought a cheap boost, since might appear suspicions from your friend, which you better avoid. But still, you won’t get a ban or any timeout on your account.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry, and spending your time on exploring the new content of the Legion is more than enough.


As a result, we can say that BestBoost.Club is a unique website, that offers a big specter of services, including:

  • Powerleveling from 1 to 110 level;

  • Reputation farm with factions;

  • Equipment boosting;

  • Profession boosting;

  • Achievement farm;

And many others.

You shouldn’t forget that our main goal is to save your time and money. Out motto is «Don’t do the grind, do the game», which means that we work to make your time in World of Warcraft more fun and comfortable.

Our services are in demand on Europe servers, on PvP and PvE realms alike. And that all was accomplished through formula, that consists from cheapness and profit for players.