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Veiled Argunite farm

Veiled Argunite farm

Veiled Argunite farm

Veiled Argunite farm

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 Buy Veiled Argunite farm on the BestBoost Club service.

 In patch 7.3.0 of the «Legion» has appeared a new way to equip oneself with 910+ equipment. For this, you need to have a new currency called «Veiled Argunite», which you can spend for gear tokens. Those tokens can be unpacked to get the equipment of item level 910+ for required specialization. Gathering of this resource is one of the fastest ways to strengthen your character. 910+ equipment unlocks access to the new dungeons and raids, where you can gain even greater rewards. The fastest way of reaching this point is ordering our service on the BestBoost.Club website.

Вuy Veiled Argunite farm boost, made with convenience for our customers. The client can choose the set amount of packages and add it to the cart. One pack of this service contains 1000 units of Veiled Argunite. For a customer, it will be enough to buy 5-6 packages to buy most of 910+ items. After ordering this service our online support will contact you and will specify the additional info about the order. 

Veiled Argunite farm boost will be completed in the shortest amount of time with BestBoost.Club. Gathering of the needed amount of the resource usually requires 3-4 hours and can go on for 6-8 hours or longer for bigger amounts of the currency. In any case, the customer will get the ordered amount of Veiled Argunite and will be able to continue his adventure in the lands of Argus.

The ways of gaining the currency are diverse, the boosters leave the right to choose which way they’ll complete the order. If any additional items and gold are gained, they will be left in the customer’s character bags. Independent farm of Veiled Argunite will require a big amount of time since the customer will need to search for the places to farm the said currency. Our specialists are prepared for the content beforehand and ready to complete the task anytime. 

Veiled Argunite boost requires only one thing – completed the first part of Argus Questline and access to Argus itself. If the whole questline is completed, however, it will boost the speed of obtaining the ordered resource exponentially. Our service vouches for safety of your account since we won’t ask for any additional info. Our clients are always left pleased with our work and customer service. 

     One package of Veiled Argunite equals 1000 units.

    What can you do with Veiled Argunite:

        • You can buy gear with item level 910+
        • New relics for your artifacts
        • You can buff your off-specs and twinks

    Requirements for ordering this service:

        • You must have an access to Argus

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