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Nightbane Mount - Smoldering Ember Wyrm

Nightbane Mount - Smoldering Ember Wyrm

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 Buy Nightbane mount - Smoldering Ember Wyrm.

 In the Karazhan, the Ivory Spire, the mysterious hold of Medivh, there is one story untold. A lurking beast haunts this place, crying for its redemption for eternity. Every time someone enters the tower, they can feel the strange chill of a dark presence that winds through the air. Once an echo of a blue Dragonflight, now a smoldering wyrm, burning for eternity... You can stop this madness once and for all! Claim your mount with the BestBoost.Club service now!

    Here's some information about the mount:

        • It’s received as a reward for killing the Nightbane.

        • The boss is summoned through the challenge, which requires you to collect 5 crystals inside the Karazhan for a strict amount of time.

        • The chance of getting the mount is equal to the number of party members - 20% for each member up to 100%.

        • The mount can fly if you have learned the required for it riding skill.

    If you'll buy Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount, you will get:

• The Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount, of course

• The achievement - "One Night in Karazhan"

        • Gold, equipment and artifact power that drops for you from bosses

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