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Argus Questline

Argus Questline

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 Buy Argus Questline Boost on BestBoost.Club.

 With new patch 7.3 in «Legion» add-on developers added a lot of new content, including the new planet called Argus. To unlock the said content, you need to complete the Argus Questline, which consists of three parts. Doing this by yourself will take time and effort, which not many people have. It's easier to just order the service on Bestboost.Club and prepared boosters will do the exhausting quests for the customer. 

If you’ll buy Argus Questline, we will unlock the access to the new content for you. This list includes new daily world quests with loot, gold and artifact power, new dungeon “Seat of the Triumvirate”, access to the new Legion Invasions on Argus, new currency Veiled Argunite which can be spent on 910+ equipment, and two new factions with its unique items and awards. With just one order of this service on Bestboost.Club the content will be available just in 2-6 hours, depending on the questline part of your choosing. Our specialists are preparing themselves before the patch is released on special PTR servers. This guarantees professionalism in completing the service for each client.

On our website, you can buy Argus Questline in parts, which you need to complete. For instance, you’ve completed the first part of the questline - “The Assault Begins” and you don’t want to complete the next ones. We can do those parts for you. You can contact our online support, they will help you to choose which parts you need to complete. It will help you to save money and get the desired result. Additionally, we can do this service even if you don’t have the average item level of 880+. 

We guarantee safety to all customers, who come to us. When ordering the service we won’t ask any additional info for your account. It’s enough to provide accounts name, password, and verification code to access the account. The customer can calmly rest, while the boosters will do all the necessary work. We do from 5 to 10 orders daily, so the specialists have the perfect list of actions for a quick boost. 

To buy Argus Questline we require only two things. You must have a character of level 110, and previous parts of the questline, if you choose second or third part. If the price doesn’t suit you, contact our online support. We will consider any offers and try to find a compromise.

    What you will get for ordering this service:

        • An opportunity to visit the new planet - Argus.
        • Access to the new World Quests with unique rewards in three new zones - Krokuun, Antoran Wastes and Mac'Aree.
        • Bind to account equipment of 880 item level for your twinks.
        • New currency - Veiled Argunite, which you can spend on 910 item level equipment for your character.
        • Two new factions - Army of the Light and Argussarian Reach with its unique vendors, emissary quests and rewards.
        • New quests for your Order Hall Followers with great rewards.
        • Access to the new dungeon - The Seat of the Triumvirate.
        • New Legion invasions in other worlds, for completing which you will get awesome rewards!
        • The completion of the service takes about 3 hours after the start. Please, verify time with our online support.

   Requirements for ordering this service:

        • You must have a level 110 character
        • You must have previous chapters of Argus Questline completed if you decide to order the later ones!

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