Eternal Palace

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    There are many new additions in patch 8.2, one of them being a new raid called “The Eternal Palace”. This place is built upon the ruins of her old empire and now it is a heart of the depths that once attempted to claim her. It consists of eight new bosses, which drop gear from item level 400 in Looking-For-Raid mode to 445 on mythic difficulty. At the end of each wing you can get a new item called Aqueous Reliquary, which can be combined to create a new Heart of Azeroth Essence – a special ability that will enchance your character.

 The essence you get depending on your specialization:

1) Azeroth’s Undying Gift (Tank) – you can reduce all incoming damage by 20% for 4 seconds, 1 minute cooldown. On rank 3, its cooldown is shortened to 45 seconds, and int first two seconds damage reduction is increased to 40%.

2) Vitality Conduit (Healer) – your chosen ally will transfer a moderate amount of health from the highest-health group member every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds. On rank 3, if the target reaches full health, the buff jumps to the lowest-health ally.

3) Condensed Life-Force (Damage) – you gain an ability to summon an elemental that will fight on your side for 30 seconds. On rank 3, the elemental can launch an AoE attack at its target every 8 seconds and on each cast it also enhances your haste by 4%, stacking up to 5 times.

 There is also new azerite armor that comes with three new unique traits: 

• Loyal to The End – your Mastery is increased by a base amount and by additional amount for each ally in the group who has this trait. When you die, all your raid members gain Critical Strike, Haste and Versatility equal to the trait’s Mastery bonus.

• Undulating Tides – your attacks and spells have a chance to proc a damaging spell on your target that deals frost damage. You also get an absorbing shield for 8 seconds if your health drops below 50%.

• Arcane Heart – every 1500000 damage and healing done you gain a buff which increases your base stat by a great amount. You also heal for 5% of all Arcane damage you take.

 On this page, we provide next services inside the raid:

Normal Run – here you can get level 415+ items. This gear is the most adequate to start playing in more difficult environment, and also the cheapest.

Heroic Run – on this difficulty you will get 430+ ilvl gear. The encounters are much harder and reward is much greater. Completing a heroic mode requires an experienced group with good equipment, and that’s why the items you’ll get inside will be of big significance.

Mythic Run – you’ll get items of level 445+. This is the hardest difficulty, on which you will get the best gear possible to this day. The fights are harsh and unforgiving, making it a mode only for the best of the best. Coming soon.

Full Gear – we will take your character on multiple runs in the raid and fully equip him in all slots in items from the raid. You can select the difficulty on which you want to gear up and if you want to participate in the service.

Azshara Kill – in case you only want to witness the defeat of last boss, there is a service that provides just that. Any loot your character gets is yours to keep, so make sure to grab some Seals for additional item role.

Glory of the Raider – there are eight achievements which require you to complete a specific task. Some of them fun, some of them are hard, but at the end of it all you’ll get a unique yellow ray mount.

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