Legendary Cloak Rank Leveling Boost

Legendary Cloak Rank Leveling Boost

Legendary Cloak Rank Leveling Boost
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    With release of patch 8.3, developers have added a new mechanic called “Corruption”. Some items that drop to you are able to get corrupted, which will put on them a very beneficial buff that will spike your damage and healing numbers exponentially. But, in return, it will also brings very devastating debuffs that could help kill your character in seconds, which is detriment to your experience. It is a restraint developers put in place so you won’t snowball against enemies from the very start. But this is where the new item comes in. Your new legendary cape has “Corruption Resistance” that will help you fight off the negative effects of the corrupted items. At first rank you will have almost no resistance at all, but when leveling up the legendary cloak the numbers will increase, allowing you to wear more powerful corrupted items at the same time. The only problem that stands in the way is that you need to grind new currency and new game mode in order to achieve that level of power.

    And that is where this new service comes in. We will take on your character and do legendary cloak upgrade with our own hands. After you obtain it, we will run major and minor invasions of N’Zoth in order to collect enough essence for a Horrific Visions run. After that, we will do the hardest possible run in order to collect as much experience for the cloak as possible in one go. Then, we repeat this process until we’ll get the required by you rank on the item. After we’re done, you’ll be able to wear more corrupted gear on your character, allowing you to have insane new effects that deal amazing amounts of damage to your enemies! If you don’t have time to upgrade legendary cloak, our BestBoost.Club team is ready to do Legendary Cloak Rank Leveling for you!

 What will you get for WoW Legendary Cloak Rank Upgrade:

• Your Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve will be upgraded in rank

• Your corruption resistance will be stronger, allowing you to wear more corrupted gear without repercussions

• Item level of the cloak will increase with each rank

• You will get a new ability that allows you to remove all corruption effects for 6 seconds at rank 6

• The completion of the service varies depending on the chosen rank:

    Rank 1->15 - 3-4 weeks

    Rank 2->15 - 3-4 weeks

    Rank 3->15 - 3-4 weeks

    Rank 4->15 - 3-4 weeks

    Rank 5->15 - 3-4 weeks

    Rank 6->15 - 3 weeks

    Rank 7->15 - 3 weeks

    Rank 8->15 - 3 weeks

    Rank 9->15 - 2 weeks

    Rank 10->15 - 2 weeks

    Rank 11->15 - 2 weeks

    Rank 12->15 - 1 week

    Rank 13->15 - 1-5 days

    Rank 14->15 - 1-3 days

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have a level 120 character on your account

• Your character must be at least of 390+ item level

• This service is done only in piloted mode and requires account sharing

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