Sanctum of Domination
Sanctum of Domination - Single Bosses Kill

Sanctum of Domination Single Bosses Kill Boost

Sanctum of Domination Single Bosses Kill Boost
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    Sanctum of Domination – Single Bosses Kill is a quick way to clear specific encounters on selected difficulty in a newly added raid. Since the raid has some valuable new set gear and very interesting trinkets, you might want to skip the whole raid completion and only aim to clear certain bosses or encounters to try your luck on obtaining last pieces of Best-in-Slot gear.

 Boost ETC: 5-20 minutes per boss depending on the encounter.

 Single Bosses Kill service includes:

• Sanctum of Domination of selected encounters/bosses on Heroic Difficulty;

• Personal loot drop: chance to obtain 239+ item level gear and equipment for your character;

• Achievements acquired during the boost, including "Ahead of the Curve" for defeating Sylvanas Windrunned, the last boss of the instance;

 Requirements for purchasing this service: 

• Your character must have maximum level to participate in the boost;

 Shards of Domination system

    Developers have created a new set system specifically for this new raid. Some items inside Sanctum of Domination have a special socket for gems called Shards of Domination. Each of those gems contains very potent buff for your character. When enough of those set items are equipped with specified gems, you recieve an aura during a fight inside Sanctum and Torghast that deals a lot of additional damage to your enemites. While set aura is only usable inside raid, it's still preferable to get as many of these socketed items as possible because gem effects still work in all other content.

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