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Rated Battlegrounds Wins

Rated Battlegrounds Wins

Rated Battlegrounds Wins

Rated Battlegrounds Wins

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 RBG boost of any character from the BestBoost.Club.

 Rated battlegrounds (RBG) is a type of PVP battles which appeared during launching the “Cataclysm” addition. For getting team points this type of fighting has been changed with each new major addition.

 The "Legion" has completely changed the system of battles between the players, and RBG was changed primarily. There are 3 reasons to order the wow rated bg boost: PVP skills pumping, achieving a high rating and receiving the items. Ordering wins on the battlefields or arena is beneficial, because this way you receive gold and also the power of the artifact and the talents of honor are pumped. The talents of honor is a special system of skills that are available only in battles with other players. These skills get activated in the arena or battlefields to strengthen the player. They may be pumped up to the 50th mark. Further, the character can drop them to the first level, gain prestige with additional rewards and start the pumping again. The quality of prizes depends on the amount of prestige.


     Since opening the BestBoost Club store, we offer the WoW RBG boost for the player with the level 110. You can choose the number of wins in the arena or rating fields from the functional, then give us your login details from your account and our team will start working on your order.

     Once you order the rated bg boost, you guaranteedly receive a rating upgrade for your hero. Our team of professionals has 72% of wins, that is 3 wins out of 1 failure. Even with zero points your character will be the one of the top players. Your rating indicates your experience, and experience helps you open any guilds and teams.

     While performing the wow boost rated bg, we independently make up a team from different classes and specializations. It usually includes a tank, several healers and the rest of the positions are occupied by DD (near and distant battle). The first position is the Death Knight (Blood) or Druid (Beast Power). Healers are Priests (Obedience), Shamans, Paladins and Druids (Healing). There are many powerful classes which can cause damage - Hunters (Master of Beasts), Shamans (Elements or Perfection), Rogues (Shadow) Mages and Warlocks and others. There happen to be any battle tactics, especially on the higher levels where it is important to maximize the understanding of the class. Our experts have the needed knowledge to provide you with the selected number of victories for any starting number of points.


     You can also order the 2v2, 3v3 cap boost. Just choose the check box with wins in the arena and our team members will start playing on your behalf. Upon reaching the chosen number of wins, you will receive a certain personal rating and the pumping of PVP talents. The professional players will play on your behalf, therefore you’ll get the maximum benefit. If you wish, you can take part in the rated battleground boosts too, however the option of the individual participation is more expensive because of the risk of failure. It’s important to have a well-coordinated work since other player can disturb it. When you choose this offer, our team will give you the details regarding tactics and actions. So you’ll have a real opportunity to learn how the professionals work. You’ll see really spectacular and interesting battles!

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