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Tomb of Sargeras - Heroic Run

Tomb of Sargeras - Heroic Run

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    The 7.2.5 patch prepared a surprise for all World of Warcraft players. It’s a new raid called "The Tomb of Sargeras". This location automatically becomes the most relevant, because you can get the highest level items for the character and therefore strengthen it. The BestBoost Club service has prepared for all visitors of the page a large variety of orders. You can choose the option of master loot, priority on certain things (relics, jewelry) or all of the above so that you get the maximum benefit.

     New Raid Bosses

        Nine new bosses are awaiting the challengers in this raid (Sisters of the Moon, Maiden of Vigilance, The Desolate Host, Fallen Avatar, Demonic Inquisition, Goroth, Mistress Sassz'ine, Harjatan) with the final boss named Kil'Jaeden, which is well-known among players. You will get the opportunity to look at the greatest fights of the new patch and learn all the tactics of the fight in case you choose to participate independently. The service is more expensive because of the risks for the raid, but this money is worth learning and participating in a fight with a team of BestBoost Club service professionals.

    What item level boost I will get?

        On heroic difficulty, you can receive 915+ level gear. Taking into account the warforged and titanforged bonus chance, the items ilvl can get up to 30 points higher. Gearing a character in such items is a priority for every player because it will greatly enhance his performance. The faster player puts on such equipment, the sooner he will be able to gain an advantage in the battles on the arena and battlefields. Future trips to the raid will no longer seem as difficult as the first time. When clearing the raid "Tomb of Sargeras", the user can wear a character of any class in the tier set 20. This set provides a variety of advantages, separate for all specializations. For example, a balance druid with four items can gain up to 15% of the additional spell casting speed with Starsurge and Starfall spells. This is a huge plus, which will increase the damage rate in all battles. Such advantages are obtained by the character of any attacking specialization (tanks to defense, healers to recovery).

    Can I get special price?

You are free to use the service which will be the best for you! We will always offer you a good price and give a discount. We have a very good reputation and we appreciate that our customers consider us as a trusted company. We are always loyal to our players! 

To order the service, you must have level 110 character with an equipment level of 880+ (further details will be specified by the operator). In addition, Tomb of Sargeras boost is performed on a certain server, and therefore you will need to go there, if it is on a mythic difficulty. Otherwise, for normal and heroic it isn’t necessary. If you wish to take part in the raid and play yourself, it will take you around 4-5 hours. 

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