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The Nighthold - Heroic

The Nighthold - Heroic

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Nighthold heroic boost – cleaning up the most relevant raid

 The Nighthold raid in the 7.1.5 patch is the most recently added dungeon which allows you to get 885+ equipment on a heroic level. For any player the completion of this location with 10 bosses (Elisandra, Tikhondry, Guldan and others) is a priority, because there is no other way to quickly dress a character in a suitable gear. Cleaning up the instance lasts 2-3 hours. The time spent is worth valuable items, gold, achievements. Only the most skillful players can completely pass this adventure.


     Our BestBoost Club team offers you The Nighthold wow heroic boost! The standard order includes getting 7 items for the 885+ level character (titanforged or warforged upgrade is possible). Additionally, you can specify the priority on the relic and the strength of the artifact, a full set of 19 titles or individual participation in the raid. Thus, for one passage of the location, you will receive the items which will be the most suitable for your specialization.

     The nighthold in heroic mode may last up to 3 hours. This is the maximum time necessary to kill all monsters as well as 11 location bosses but it requires your personal participation together with the other members of the team. You will receive the items suitable for your character. The service will definitely be useful for increasing the strength of your character.

     The group for completing the task is formed from 25 or more employees of the BestBoost Club. Having a large team increases the chance of receiving the right loot when boost wow nighthold is held. The fact of having 100% of successfully executed services speaks for itself. You can order any items from the available functionality and you can be absolutely sure that your order will be successfully completed.


     Dropping of the necessary equipment with boost wow nighthold is guaranteed by a large group of raid members. You will receive the equipment, artifact strength, transport etc. as loot from the boss. The dropped items will have the appropriate characteristics for your characters specialization. You’ll receive all the items according to the order. Preparation for the raid begins immediately after the order is received so you don’t have to wait for a long time.

     The price for the wow boost nighthold hc is suitable for every player. Our price is less than in other stores and the quality of the performance is much higher. Each Wednesday the raids get reset (weekly reset) and you’ll have a possibility to have a new run through the Citadel of the Night with the same character. On the same day, we offer you a discount of 10% for cleaning the raid dungeon. You receive items, ranks, mounts for the lowest price. Such advantages are provided only by our online store BestBoost Club!

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