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Emerald Nightmare - Mythic

Emerald Nightmare - Mythic

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 Buy Emerald Nightmare Completion & New Encounters.

 This service will provide your character with new specs, abilities and useful resources, but don’t forget about certain requirements.

     The following service suggests Emerald Nightmare dungeon raid completion. It’s a part of the latest Legion add-on on the epic level. The customer is required to have level 110 character.

     Relevance of the raid:

  • At present moment Mythic Emerald Nightmare raid is of the highest difficulty level and its completion results in full knowledge of content;
  • Getting an 880+ equipment. If improved items are dropped they are also collected by the customer;
  • Unlocking achievements for the raid completion;

  •      The service also includes the following:

  • Full completion of Emerald Nightmare raid instance. Defeating of several bosses is possible. The details are discussed while processing the order;
  • Collecting of all useful items, resources and gold;
  • Unlocking achievements and gaining reputation;

  •      When Emerald Nightmare Mythic are completed the player gets:

  • Loot from encounters with seven bosses or with the ordered one (Nythendra, Il’gynoth, Core of the Nightmare, Elerethe Renferal, Ursoc, Dragons of Nightmare, Cenarius, Xavius);
  • Guaranteed 880+ items for the spec owned;
  • Extra resources including “Illusion: Nightmare” (depending on the loot);
  • Achievements unlocked after raid completion and gaining reputation of new factions;
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