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Antorus, the Burning Throne - Heroic Full Gear

Antorus, the Burning Throne - Heroic Full Gear

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Buy Antorus, the Burning Throne - Heroic Full Gear for your characters.

 As it always happens, with every major patch developers are releasing new raids for the players to conquer, and 7.3 is no exception. This time around with the planet Argus has been added new remarkable raid called "Antorus, the Burning Throne". The instance consists of eleven different bosses with its unique mechanics and equipment which drops from them. Every player is preparing to take on the new challenges and defeating all dangers that lie inside Antorus. But you sometimes they encounter some problems - it's hard to find a group geared enough to kill all the bosses or have enough experience to do so, or even you might not be geared enough. Well, that's not a problem for us - BestBoost.Club is prepared to gear your character up in 945+ items with Antorus Heroic Full Gear boost!

    What will you get for this service?

    If you'll buy Antorus Heroic Full Gear boost, you'll get a full set of 945+ item level equipment for your character which consists of gear, relics, trinkets, rings, cloaks, necklaces and other useful items. This will help you to quickly start raiding with your friends or to conquer other difficult challenges in the World of Warcraft. If you want, you can experience all the fights yourselves with the help of a professional team of 20+ people prepared to take on all the difficult bosses inside the raid. Or, if you don't have time to complete the raid yourselves, you can choose to leave your character in the hands of our experienced boosters - we will defeat all eleven bosses for you and equip your character with the best gear possible!

    Why should you choose BestBoost.Club?

    We guarantee the safety of your account and your characters at all times. If you choose to do this boost piloted, we will only ask you the account's login, password, and verification code to enter the account and start the service. We won't ask any additional information. Besides that, we offer you 24/7 support that can answer all your questions and keep you up to date with the boost. And if you don't like the price, our operators will try to find a compromise that benefits to all sides. To order this service you must have a level 110 character. No other requirements needed.

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