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[PRE-ORDER] Powerleveling 110-120

[PRE-ORDER] Powerleveling 110-120

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 Buy Pre-Order Powerleveling 110-120 on BestBoost.Club.

 With the Battle for Azeroth on the horizon, we decided that it's time to start a new rage of services to help you begin the new expansion with ease! And we decided to begin with Powerleveling 110-120. If you order the powerleveling boost now, as soon as the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion will be released - we will start level boosting your character from 110 to 120. As soon as the boost is finished, you will be able to enjoy all the end-game features of the new expansion at the maximum level yourself! From dungeons, to war campaign, to warfronts, to faction wars, to more lore! We wish you best of luck on your journey!

    Why should you choose BestBoost.Club?

We have an incredibly big experience when dealing with boosting, especially powerleveling your character to the level cap. Every expansion we get hundreds, if not thousands of powerlevel boost purchases and finish them all in agreed time window. Some customers like to enjoy the game and ask us to do all the grinding at the time when they're resting, relaxing or sleeping. While it may take a bit more time to complete the boost, play time to complete the boost will stay the same, and you as well will have a window to play on your account in your liking. And you can always contact our 24/7 around the clock online support! If you have any questions about how your boost going, how many levels left to hit the cap or how much time needed to finish the boost, you can always count on us to answer you quickly and without hesitation! That is a proof of our hard work for you!

    What will you get for this service:

        • We will level your character 110-120 on the first day of "Battle for Azeroth" release

        • The price is 20 EUR cheaper if you pre-order the boost before release

        • The boost will take up to 12 hours. The time depends on the changes from beta to live patch

        • When "Battle for Azeroth" will be released, we'll immediately start your boost

   Requirements for ordering this service:

        • You must have a level 110 character on your account

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