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Army of the Light & Argussian Reach reputation

Army of the Light & Argussian Reach reputation

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 Army of the Light reputation boost & Argussarian Reach reputation boost with BestBoost.Club.

 With the addition of the new continent, Argus, in patch 7.3 in the gaming World of Warcraft have been added two new factions – Army of the Light and Argussian Reach. Traditionally, they have their own reputation, which you can upgrade up to exalted. After achieving the highest status it will unlock all new items, which you can buy from faction emissaries. For the collectors of unique items and epic mounts, this goal becomes the main priority. BestBoost.Club service offers Argus Reputation boost in one pack of Army of the Light reputation boost and Argussian Reach reputation boost.

After achieving exalted reputation with Army of the Light you can buy equipment from their emissary, such as: enchantment for shoulders called Boon of Lightbearer, which allows you to obtain Primal Sargerite from fallen enemies, Lightforged Augment Rune which buffs 325 strength, agility and intellect, and many mounts, including holy infused Warframe - Lightforged Warframe!

From Argussian Reach you can get another shoulder enchantment, which will help you in farm of Veiled Argunite, Krokul Miming Pick which will help you in gathering resources from ores on Argus, and many different epic Talbuk mounts. These rewards will help your character in collecting much-needed resources and making him look cool. Вuy Army of the Light boost or buy Argussian Reach boost with a benefit for a cheap price. Conquest of Argus will begin immediately after you’ve made an order. 

Boost of said reputations usually takes 2-3 weeks, about 2-4 hours of game time every day during the boost. You can learn more details from our Online Support. Our operators will explain how Army of the Light boost and Argussian  Reach boost will be completed. Our methods of completing this service were tested beforehand on PTR servers. 

Аrmy of the Light farm and Argussian Reach farm will be completed with the safety of your account. The customer only needs to tell us his account login, password, and verification code to enter. There have never been any complaints about our work. We guarantee that Argus Reputation boost service will be done qualitatively. All obtained resources, such as items, gold, artifact power and other things will stay on the client's account. To order this service you need to have an Access to Argus and its World Quests. 

    Army of the Light boost advantages:

        • Boon of the Lightbearer shoulder enchant that will be very profitable for crafters

        • Lightforged Augment Rune for raiders to maximize their proficiency

        • Lightforged Warframe mount to show how awesome your character is!

        • And much more!

    Argussarian Reach boost advantages:

        • Krokul Mining Pick for miners

        • Boon of the Steadfast for people looking for Veiled Argunite

        • Many mounts like Reins of the Sable Ruinstrider

        • And other things too!

    What will you get by buying this service?

        • Exalted reputation with the Army of the Light and unlocked stash of goods from their vendor

        • Exalted reputation with the Argussian Reach and access to many different talbuk mounts

        • Artifact power, order resources, gold and other things earned in the process of boosting

The boost can take up to 3 weeks. For more information, you can always speak to our 24/7 support service! Don't want to do boring grinding yourself? Then leave this job to the professionals, buy Army of the Light reputation farm and Argussarian Reach reputation farm today!

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