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    On American servers, players have already had the opportunity to go through a quest chain, in which we will have to "spend" the power of our artifacts to cure the wound of the planet that Sargeras's sword in Silithus inflicted. On European game worlds, the chain will be available in the morning of Wednesday after restarting the servers. 

       It is interesting that in fact the artifact will not be "broken" or something like that, but reinforced to the maximum! The level of all your artifacts will rise to 126, and the talent "Concordance of the Army of the Legionfall" will be level 75!     The first thing you need to know: the chain will open up to your character only after he defeats Argus in Anthorus on any difficulty and the scenario "Whispers of a Frightened World" in Silithus. When you complete these steps, restart the game and proceed to the chain. 

    By itself, it is very small. First you will receive the quest "The Speaker's Call", in which you will arrive in Silithus. Once arrived, you will fly to the airship of the faction (Horde or Alliance), on which you will meet famous characters representing the halls of different classes. 

    After you are on the ship, you will accept the following task, which will be the beginning of a small video. Thanks to the power of artifacts, the heroes stabilize the wound of Azeroth and destroy the Fel contained in Sargeras's sword. After that, artifacts get a strange effect - they are boosted to the maximum level, but according to the plot they are considered unstable and not particularly suitable for use. 

What will become of the artifacts? 

            So far, they will only increase. This is made so that the players managed to complete the unfinished content, including raids and the Mage Tower, of course. 

     But after the release of the expansion, artifacts will lose all their talents. That is, the weapon itself will remain, its level (already useless) will remain, and also relics will remain. WYou will be able to use it as a simple weapon.

And sure, if you want be first on BFA, you can preorder leveling 110-120.